Hire Statutory Declaration Solicitor For Changing Your Name In The UK

With UK Deed Poll sites all over the internet it seems very easy to change your name, but do you really need to take a poll to change your name? The short answer is no. The Deed Poll is just one of the many ways you can change your name in the UK.

Common English law states that you are known by your birth name unless you choose to be known by a different name. The most common way of being known by another name is by getting married. The bride can then use the marriage certificate as proof of her new name. Statutory declaration solicitors will help you to change your name. You can book appointment with a solicitor to sign your statutory declaration paper.

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This is widely accepted by all companies and they will update all records on your behalf. Unfortunately, men do not have the right to change their name after marriage, but people who have signed a civil partnership can change their name after showing the deed, either male or female.

If you choose to keep your new name and want all of your invoices and documents to reflect this new name, you have several options. Action surveys are the most common option, with nearly all companies accepting an action survey certificate as proof of your new name. Other options include making legal statements or printing public notices in high-circulation newspapers.