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Dos and Dont of At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Everything comes with a list of pros and cons and so does the hair removal handsets. Hair removal handsets have rapidly grown their market and every individual may it be men or women are finding their personal equipment to get soft, silky skin. However, before making any purchase one must know the dos and don't of the entire procedure. After the emergence of at-home hair laser removals, people have got confidence and trust towards getting their own machine and becoming self-care people. If you are one of them you will be happy to check out hey silky skin laser at

So check the dos and don't of at-home hair removal equipment:


– Do a patch test before diving completely into the procedure. Sometimes everything does not work the same for everyone. Directly using a big patch for laser treatment might not turn out to be that good. SO, try on a small patch, check the results and then move ahead. 

– Once you start using it, make a regular schedule in short durations to yield the maximum profit out of it. Slowly you will witness the decrease in the growth of your body hair. 

– Wash and clean your legs properly that there is nothing on the texture. 


– Do not use anything on the skin before and immediately after the treatment as the chances of reaction can be high. 

– It is advisable not to be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers

– People who have sunlight exposure or tan (either natural or tanning machine) must avoid using the equipment as the results won't be any great. 

– People with tattoos or permanent makeup in the intended treatment area just do not try using laser machines or handsets. It is not a great idea and better not regret it afterwards. 

– It is generally a no for people with dark brown or black spots (e.g., birthmarks, moles, warts) in the intended treatment area for obvious results. The output may not be great and in some cases, you might face clinical issues. 

These are the dos and don't of at-home hair removal lasers. Follow them to get the best results. Also, review hey silky skin reviews, to get an overview of the product.