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5kg Dumbbells – An Introduction

5kg dumbbells are a great investment for anyone getting started in weight training. They're perfect for anybody, as you can increase your fitness levels quickly, thereby paving the way towards yourself to lift more. If you've just started weight training or are getting into it for the first time, then these weights are a must have. They are available in many different shapes and sizes and you should buy the ones that best fit your body. When you get started weight lifting, start with a pair of dumbbells that you can afford. This is very important as they will be your lifelines in the beginning.

The weight you choose for your first set should be appropriate for your height and age. You can use a heavier weight when you have bigger muscle mass as opposed to a thinner person. You should use the recommended amount of weight for your height on the packaging. For instance, if you are tall and want to start working out with a pair of dumbbells, then choose weights between eight and ten kilograms.

For those of you who are relatively new to the fitness arena, then use lighter weights. Beginners should use approximately twenty-five to thirty-five kilograms for their first sets. This will enable you to start seeing results in your upper body strength within the first two weeks. The muscles in your arms and chest should start to develop rapidly. After the first two weeks, move onto the forty kilograms mark and fifty kilograms mark and you should be able to see real gains in your overall physique.

If you have bought dumbbells featured on, properly, you should be able to exercise the arms and chest without them falling during the exercise. Make sure you hold the dumbbells tightly, either by your side or over your chest. This will allow you to build up enough muscle power for your arms to be able to support the weight of the dumbbells. Make sure you also bend your knees at all times, even when your feet are still on the floor. This will ensure that your back is properly supported throughout the exercise.

When you buy dumbbells, you should always check the warranty. If there is any, this will provide you with a guarantee that you will not experience any problems with the product during its usage. Additionally, it is recommended that you always read the instructions provided with the dumbbells closely to ensure that you are following all the necessary procedures. You should also take advantage of any videos that come with the purchase of the dumbbells to ensure that you get the most out of your workouts.

Building up your body should never be a hassle. With dumbbells, it is possible to do so with ease. The only thing that you need to do is pick up the weights and get started. In as little as one month, you will begin to see the results from your hard work.