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What Is A Good Deal With Residential Hard Money Lenders?

An owner-occupied deal would be something you'd know if you were a real estate investor. It is basically a property that is already occupied and the hard money lender prefers to avoid this type of deal.

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This is because there are different rules and regulations that apply to owner-occupied properties than those for vacant ones. Because of the complexity involved, residential hard money lenders won't fund such deals.

If you're an investor looking to remodel an owner-occupied home, it's a good idea to weigh all the options again. It can be very difficult to obtain funding for this type of deal.

Avoiding these properties is important because most hard money lenders aren't that large. They are unable to access financial assistance and must do all the work themselves. They prefer short-term loans, which can be closed in six months and are easy to manage.

Owner-occupied properties are more difficult to manage and take longer for paperwork. They also require more work in remodeling. 

In the end, they can be very expensive. Sometimes the remodeling of these properties is so delayed that it eventually goes into foreclosure. This is something no one wants.

Single-family homes are preferred by residential hard money lenders because they are easy to remodel and have a high-profit margin. They can also remodel duplexes and triplexes, but prefer single-family homes.