The Value of Forest Trees

assessment forest

Trees are known to be present historically due to living and breathing. It is said that the first root came into existence around 385million years ago which is an astonishing fact. In order to learn move values of forest trees, here are a few you should be aware of.

  1. To Improve Water Quality – Trees play a role in slowing the rain giving the soil some form of moisture. This is mainly seen in urban areas where the tree acts as natural sponges in order to collect and filter rainfall which is then slowly released into rivers and streams. During this process, trees help in preventing soil erosion helping to improve the quality of the water.
  2. To Minimize the Emissions of Carbon dioxide – In order to act as a carbon sink, trees play a massive role. This is a process of storing chemical compounds of carbon which then helps the environment in lowering the concentration of carbon dioxide. Without the presence of trees, there would have been no living organism alive today since trees inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This oxygen is then used by living organisms while breathing out carbon dioxide.
  3. To Improve the Quality of Air – Trees not only reduce the levels of carbon dioxide, it also helps in absorbing numerous pollutants and toxins that are being emitted by factories. The pollutants are known to contain sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide along with dust, acids and metals. All these contribute to decreasing the air quality. However, trees have the ability to absorb such pollutants improving the quality of air.

Do forest assessment in order to learn additional values of forest trees.