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Men’s Suits of the Highest Quality in Edmonton

A modern name for men's attire worn for formal occasions such as weddings, social parties, and other formal events is formal dress, sometimes known as formal wear or men's suit.

A very important element of a men's suit is a formal shirt. When you buy a men's suit from Edmonton, you need to make sure that your shirt is made of quality fibers that ensure a comfortable, snug, and durable feel. You can also shop for men's suits in Edmonton via

One of the most widely used fabrics in Oxford, it is heavy and has a raised fabric pattern. This shirt made of cloth can be worn both for formal and casual events. Another type of fabric is Pinpoint Oxford, a fabric that is light and smooth to the touch, lighter than Oxford. Poplin fabric is as light as precision fabric. Available in smooth and plain finishes.

Next are woven fabrics, these fabrics are twill, herringbone, etc. This shirt is luxurious and smooth to the touch. The fabric is also thicker and heavier than other fabrics. Herringbone fabric is available in smooth rib and woven finishes.

This fabric is more demanding than other fabrics. Cotton: Formal shirts are made of 100% pure cotton or an 80/20 polyester cotton blend. Pure cotton shirts tend to crumble and give a "worn" look. Cotton blend shirts are wrinkle and stain resistant and are in great demand.