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Is Your Financial Professional Truly A Financial Advisor in Cardiff?

A qualified financial advisor in Cardiff can make the difference between a successful retirement or outliving your money. However, I would not trust them with my money and neither should you. Simply put, I don’t trust many so-called “financial advisers” because they’re unqualified.

To be able to call himself a financial advisor, one does not need any qualifications. A high school graduate aged 18 can refer to himself as a financial advisor just like any professional in the field. There are 929,700 financial professionals in Cardiff. Let's look at the job duties these "financial advisors in Cardiff" actually do.

411,500 are agents in the insurance, 312 200 are stockbrokers, 206,000 are financial advisors for individuals.

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These people may work in finance, but are they most likely financial planners? What advice is most likely to be given if you ask a "financial adviser" who is an agent of insurance? Most likely, you'll be advised to buy annuities and life insurance.

A stockbroker will likely recommend stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. But, they won't do any real planning to help you determine your retirement goals. It is unlikely. Most financial professionals are not qualified to perform the job functions most people associate with financial advisors.

How do you make sure your advisor is a real financial advisor? First, find a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Two years of intensive training must be followed by a two-day exam. An ethics code must be followed and continuing education is mandatory. CFPs can be trained in all aspects of financial services, including investments, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.