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Implement Google Analytics Dashboard To Your Website

Google analytics dashboard allows you to track website traffic and generate reports. Google analytics dashboard is a Google service that allows you to track all web traffic. Google analytics control-panel shows you where customers go to your website or landing page and what pages they visit. You can also see how they interact with your site. Here are some key reasons to implement Google analytics dashboard on your website:

Google analytics dashboard provides powerful insights into your customers. You can use GA to get to know your Audience, Acquisitions (how/from which they came to your site), their behavior (what they do while browsing your site), and Conversions (how many have become customers). 

Google Analytics Dashboard

Image Source: Google

GA will also give you information about the pages that they visited, how long they spent on each page, and what they did next. This information can be used to determine where your customers and you are going.

A digital marketing company can help you customize your website to get maximum exposure. You can modify the content and improve your landing page to make your website more appealing and more popular. 

You can also work on the key sections that are most likely to be visited and improve their design, quality, and presentation. GA dashboard tool lets you serve your website like the favorite dishes of your customers.