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Bachelor (or Bachelorette) Best Party Cruising

We've all heard of it, and some have gone wild and crazy bachelor or bachelorette parties. One last night with a boy or girl before the knot is tied. The last wild party before the wedding begins. How nice would this temporary ritual be if it were extended to three days and held on a cruise ship that no one had to go through?

No cooking, no cleaning, and no driving for three whole nights. Only the bride-to-be and their best friends are crazy for a 3-night party. Not the traditional six-hour bachelor bar event.

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The party can start around noon on a Friday when your group gets on your boat and you're in a great spot on deck to kick off the sailing party celebrations. After dinner, your group can visit the casino or the various bars and lounges before having fun at the dance club. The fun can last well into the night before you take your bags and try to recharge your batteries.

Allow sufficient time to return to the ship. It's much better to be the one on deck watching over the runners on the dock than to be the one running the dock to build a ship before it sets sail.

Dinner and other good cocktails before the dance club and other late nights. You are on vacation and this holiday celebrates the passing of your free days, have fun.