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About Electric Infrared Patio Heaters

There are a wide variety of types of patio heaters besides the traditional cone designs. Even then there are also a variety of types of fuel sources for each. One type of heater is the electric infrared patio heater. It offers some advantages that others do not. You can find the best electric fuel line heater via

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Infrared heat tends to work a bit differently than other forms of heat. Infrared heat will head up the objects that it's pointed at. This means that if you are sitting within line of sight of the heat source, you will start to feel warm. Other types of heaters will heat all the air. In a patio setting, infrared heat makes sense especially if you have lots of wind that would blow the warmed air away.

Infrared patio heaters can come on stands or can even be hung on the wall. Look for ones that have both options giving you the best of both worlds.

Since these types of heaters run on electricity there is no need to go out and buy fuel tanks or worry about gas leaks that other heaters can cause.

Certain models can even be used safely indoors but it's best to check and be completely sure it's made for home indoor use first.

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