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3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Retractable Roof

Retractable roof systems are a great addition to any home’s exterior. They are stylish, offer comfort and protection, and add new meaning and value to a space. 

But in order to reap the full benefits of what these outdoor products have to offer, you need to ensure that you install the right retractable outdoor roof system that will meet all your needs. To help you find the perfect retractable roof system, you should consider the following things.

1. Your Outdoor needs

What will the purpose of your retractable roof system be? Do you need it to extend your home’s living space to the outdoors by creating an outdoor room? 

Or perhaps your reason for adding a roof is to protect your patio area from the sun, but also to create more shade inside your home during the hot summer months. 

Also, consider if you want to include a lighting system in the roof. The answers to these questions will help your supplier determine how your roof system should function and if they need to customize it to fit a unique area or create a specialized system that will suit your exact needs.

2. The Style Of Your House

The position of your patio area, your home’s design and style, and the shape and size of the existing structure will all influence what type of retractable roof system will fit your home best. 

A good supplier can customize your retractable roof system to fit a certain shape and size, and will also give you a choice between various styles, a range of colors, LED-TEC lighting, and optional wind and sun sensors.

3. Water and waterproofing

We often experience harsh weather conditions in Western Australia, and unfortunately, some retractable roof systems can let you down if they are not fully waterproof and wind-resistant.

The ideal retractable roof system has a high wind rating, is completely watertight, and is strong and sturdy enough to withstand these often unforgiving elements.