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Your Song’s Melody Needs Shape to Be Memorable

If your melody focuses on one note with just a few peaks as well as dips, you shouldn't worry that no one can remember the tune after the song ends. To allow a song that is memorable it must have a shape. 

The problem of dull songs that are dull, is a problem that is most often encountered when you begin writing songs by composing an initial chord progression. The idea of starting a song this way isn't necessarily wrong however it puts the musicians in the awkward need to come up with an appropriate melody to fit the chord progression. You can get the best random melody generator plugins via AudioCipher to make your chord more powerful and attractive to the audience. 

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The challenge of recollecting an uninteresting, flat melody is similar to trying to remember the flat, boring meadow with no brook trees, rises, or falls. A meadow is transformed when you add an elm tree or a small stream, or perhaps a hill. Therefore, melodies don't require much… They simply require something that attracts the attention of its listeners in a positive way. 

Another crucial aspect is that melody for verses tend to perform better when they're pitched slightly lower than the chorus melody. Furthermore, they don't have to hit the keynote (tonic note) frequently, focusing rather on notes that are not in the key. 

In the end, the melodies that have many repeated notes are often good when the lyrics that they're accompanied by are solid. In this instance, it's the lyrics that are remembered. And in this case, the melody that has many repeated notes is actually a good choice for accompanying lyrics that convey emotions or strongly held opinions.