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Xero – Third Generation Accounting Software

Hey Guys!

Here are the highlights of Xero, the most recent in business accounting software technology.

Although second-generation software was useful in the past it has not been as effective today. This software requires a high level of accounting knowledge and is therefore primarily intended for accountants, rather than business owners without any accounting background.

Given recent developments on the internet, you'll understand why I recently switched to web-based online applications (such as Xero), as this is where I see the future. It is more affordable for suppliers and gives access to the same file to a wider range of web-based users (unlike PC-based applications). Small Businesses alike can opt for xero sme accounting via for more efficient accounting and bookkeeping solutions. 

Xero, a third-generation (internet-based), software that was recently developed by Sam Morgan & Rod Drury allows you to download transactions quicker than second-generation software packages. Xero, a Kiwi-developed software, is expanding into many countries. Xero is a recognized partner of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Xero is a third-generation software that offers key advantages such as:

  • It is web-based rather than PC-based. This means that you, the business owner, and your client have full control over your records (not just your accountant or bookkeeper).
  • You can access the accounting records from any computer at any time, from any location on the internet.
  • Xero offers a variety of graphical representations that are not available in other accounting software programs.
  • If you have any questions, your accountant can update the data file and guide you.
  • Bank Feeds can be automatically imported into Xero via your Bank's website and the details are saved (save time).
  • You don't have to sign up for multiple upgrades each year as you do with programs that are PC-based.

So, why not look into automating your business online using the latest in today's business accounting software technology, Xero. After all, the days of a "David & Goliath" fight against a highly automated tax man with a prehistoric accounting system have long gone! Do yourself a favor, use a more effective system to fight for your business.