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Why You Should Use Motion Graphics For Your Marketing

In the modern digital marketplace, content is king. If you want to attract the eyeballs and clicks needed to survive online, you have to produce something worth seeing, reading, and sharing. While a number of sites use click-bait or outright plagiarism to bring in potential customers, quality content always rises to top and nothing adds more quality than solid motion design.

So you know that you need to invest in content marketing, and you know that video content outperforms other types so why should you implement Motion Graphics? If you're unfamiliar with the term, motion design is a field similar to animation. Motion graphics video services use a variety of software to animate 2D and 3D graphic designs in order to tell stories, deliver emotional impressions, and highlight brands.

Motion Graphics are used in music videos, feature films, video games, applications, and more. In fact, you've likely encountered a number of MoGraph designs just navigating to this page. Motion Graphics are great for explaining a complex concept, product, or service while conveying your brand.

While putting together a professional video can be cost-prohibitive, hiring a talented motion designer to create a simple 15-30 second animated ad can fall well within your budget. These animations can be more effective to viewers since they avoid the usual speed bumps of video content. Even top-tier brands have stumbled with video advertising.