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Why Cooper Wires Are The Most Used Wire

Copper has a lovely red-orange metallic luster. This reddish metal can be found in many areas. It is also used in the manufacture of copper wires in the electrical sector.

Because of its unique properties, copper is an ideal metal to make electrical wires.14 gauge copper wire is widely used in many things, you can also buy from at affordable prices.

14 gauge copper wire

Copper is the most widely used metal to make electrical wires because of the following attributes:

Excellent Conductor Of Electricity: The conductivity of copper is unmatched. These wires are capable of carrying a greater amount of electric current than other wires, so they deplete less electricity when the current passes through them.

Very Durable Metal: Copper can be stretched to a great length without breaking it or weakening. This property is essential for drawing wires from any metal. 

Good Chemical Properties: copper is resistant to abrasions and other adverse effects that can shorten the wire's life span. These wires are able to withstand harsh climatic conditions, and last longer.

High-Temperature Tolerance:  Copper wire is able to withstand such temperature fluctuations. These wires are long-lasting because of this special property.

 Copper Wires are a preferred choice for electrical use around the world. These wires can be used in a majority of modern buildings. These wires are easy to rewire in the future.