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Where Can I Get a Passport?

The procedure and the places to go to get a passport can differ on the needs of each individual. It all depends upon whether or not the passport you're applying for is the first time you've used it or if you're just seeking to renew your old passport or whether your passport is missing or stolen. 

The passport you are applying for may depend on the type of work you're working on. If, for instance, the person you work for is a diplomat, or an official in the government, the procedure that you follow to obtain an official passport and the location which will issue your passport will be completely different from that of a tourist. 

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In most cases, if you're trying to apply for your passport the first time, then you'll need to apply in person. This is also the case for people who have lost their passports or stolen, or if their passport expired over fifteen years ago. Also, they have to renew the passports that they issued when they were 16 years old or younger. If you've changed the name that appears on your passport, it is required to apply on your own.

There are numerous locations across the different states that allow you to conveniently apply for a new passport. Passport application centers have specific facilities for those who have a disability. Many of them offer a photo-on-site or a photo-nearby facility.