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The Key Features of Fingerprint Time Attendance Software

Here are the main features of advanced fingerprint time attendance software.

  • Biometric authentication is used to mark the attendance of the employees.
  • Facilities for late marking.
  • Calculation of salary automatically based on working days, late markings, and flexible timing.
  • Use the application form. 
  • Details about entitlements and leave planning via fingerprint attendance system in Australia.
  • Contact information and calendar for employees.
  • Details about each department.
  • Timely generation of attendance reports.

The benefits:

Workplaces are more dynamic and challenging today. Working hours include all time spent outside of the office, and sometimes even after normal work hours. Many employees work remotely, from home, or on the go. 

Although businesses have become more flexible and dynamic due to these changes, it is becoming extremely difficult for employees to track their work. Advanced time attendance software allows organizations to deal with different employee practices.

These are the main benefits of attendance software:

  • This saves time, money, and allows you to instantly generate detailed attendance reports right from your computer. It ensures that employees are paid fairly by providing accurate attendance information.
  • It's easy to set up and use.
  • Companies don't need to spend on leave tracking software or payroll accounting software because it has built-in leave support.
  • This software reduces buddy-punching and manipulation.
  • Effective HR practices are ensured.
  • You can customize the software to meet your specific needs.