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The Future of Social Media Using Bots For Customer Support

What is a Facebook Chatbot? A messenger bot is basically a small piece of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with users. In other words, these bots actually know what's being asked and can therefore formulate an appropriate answer in a more human manner than a human would. Simply put, automated bots will take the human approach to online communication and merge it with automated solutions. As we'll see, this can only mean good things for businesses of all sizes.

A lot of people will be surprised to know that this type of program can automate much of the work they do on Facebook or Twitter. This is because these programs can handle the bulk of social media interaction by themselves and then provide suggestions and summaries of user responses in the form of messages or statuses. Therefore, if you want to speed up your customer service on Facebook or Twitter, the Messenger Bot will do the job for you.

For example, have you ever wondered how your colleagues are getting along on Facebook without the help of an official social media account? It's pretty simple, they're using the Messenger Bot! The chatbot was developed by Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey as a way for employees to deal with the fast-paced climate of the online social networking site. In essence, the bot acts as a human intermediary, helping colleagues to coordinate their responses to queries and requests within the specified environment. As a result, a business that uses a messenger bot to automate its social media activities will definitely save time and money, because the tasks that the bot can perform will be those that are repetitive or monotonous.

Aside from helping out your own customer service department, the Messenger Bot is also excellent for things like answering questions and posting replies to posts on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, it's so popular among businesses that there are already Messenger Bot systems available for Google's social network, Google+. This is a great way to extend your product line's reach into a whole new demographic, and it will make customer service easier than ever before. The Bot can even be used for live chat, which will save your sales team the hassle of having to hold a physical conversation with every person who contacts them.

Chat Bots from Facebook and Twitter have been designed to integrate with existing platforms such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, which give you access to all of your customers' activity on the web in one location. For instance, if someone is searching for information about a particular product, you can search for them in Hootsuite and let the Bot connect with your Facebook and Twitter pages, which will bring up any relevant posts. If a person is interested in your company's blog, you can integrate it with Hootsuite's blogs, and the Bot will automatically post the URL to the blog in the form of an article. It will then connect with Twitter's retweet function to tweet the article out. It's just another example of the latest chat Bots that streamline customer support.

A third major advantage to integrating a Messenger Bot with Hootsuite is the ease with which you can run both campaigns simultaneously. When you use the follow-up message feature in the bot, you can tell it to auto-respond to a specific email message from a customer with the time zone you specify. If the customer doesn't have the time zone set, the bot will send them a generic 'Thank you' message, and it will then connect with a Facebook or Twitter account in the time zone you specified. This allows you to run two campaigns simultaneously, with significantly reduced effort required.

Finally, using bots to streamline your customer service can reduce the time it takes for you to actually handle customers' issues. Bots can take the place of having an actual live person answer each inquiry. If you have multiple questions about a particular product, for example, you could simply type in the name of the product and have the bot return with the answers to your questions. This eliminates you having to spend your time answering individually each inquiry.

Overall, Messenger Bots can improve customer service by helping you eliminate many of the mundane parts of communicating with clients. Chat Bots can streamline your customer service process, which can help you focus your attention on more important matters. Plus, most of these Facebook Chatbot is actually quite easy to program, requiring very little programming experience. The future of social media may indeed be Chat Bots, and it only looks like developers are gearing up for a massive influx of new software to take their place.