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Some Things About Halo Salt Room

A typical session of salt therapy lasts 45 minutes. The treatment is done by being in the room on an unsupported lounge chair. It will get dark, and you'll hear soothing music. The temperatures and humidity will remain at a level that is comfortable. The majority of people love to shut their eyes. A few can fall asleep or sit and think.

The majority of people experience an increase in mucous production. It will manifest as an irritable nose or productive cough following the treatment. This is your body's natural process for getting rid of pollutants, toxins and even viruses. You can also book an appointment for a halo salt room session online.

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Many asthmatics also experience a period of increased mucous production as well as coughing as the body reduces inflammation, opens airways and flushes the stagnant mucous. A device known as a Halogenerator grinds salt into tiny particles and releases them into air around the room. 

When inhaled, the salt particles are believed to absorb irritating substances, including toxic substances and allergens, from our respiratory systems. The process is said to break down mucus and lessens inflammation, leading to clearer airways. Salt particles are believed to exert a similar impact on your skin due to taking in bacteria, as well as other impurities which are responsible for a variety of skin issues.

Salt is also believed to create negative positively charged ions. The theory is that this causes your body's body to release serotonin which is among the chemicals that cause emotions of satisfaction. A lot of people utilize Himalayan salt lamps to enjoy the positive effects of negative ions at home.