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Sliding Glass Door Repair Services In Orange County

Sliding glass door rollers can get loose from their attachment, making the door drop down slightly and causing the roller to be difficult or impossible to move. In other situations, the rollers become worn or damaged, needing replacement.

Many  Orange County homes and offices with sliding glass doors have this problem, but the good news is this is an easy repair job for a qualified professional.  You can get in touch with qualified mechanics for your sliding glass door repair in Orange County via and get your door repaired in no time.


Sliding glass doors in Orange County homes and businesses also often develop problems with the locking mechanism. Often, the lock will not engage because the rollers are worn or damaged, causing the door to the drop down. When this happens, the locking mechanism in the door misses the catch located in the door jamb.

A sliding glass door that is not working properly is an annoyance and a hazard. It is frustrating when it takes a lot of effort to make the door move. It is hazardous because a door that does not close or locks properly can become an entryway for burglars. Sometimes a damaged sliding glass door can even fall out of its track, causing further damage or injury.

Fixing this problem is no problem for a professional glass service specialist. Repairing sliding glass doors usually involve removing the doors from the track, turning them on their side, and replacing the rollers underneath. Because these doors are heavy and awkward to move, and there are many types of rollers used for replacement parts, it is best to leave this repair to a trained and experienced professional.