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Protecting Your Digital Identity Online

Protecting your digital identity online is one of the most important activities. This is an increasingly important activity online, as many people are trying to steal your identity. Once they have enough information, they have the ability to do a lot with your identity. 

They are doing exactly that when they seize your identity. They will use your resources to achieve their goals because they don't want to spend the time and effort to obtain the results they need. ProofID can help you secure your and your business identity and rescue you from identity theft of any kind.

Privileged Access Management - How to Secure Corporate Social Media Accounts - ProofID

Social media has made it easier to get your identity stolen online. Because people post too much information to social media without thinking about it, this is why. People share their birthdate, address, and sometimes their mobile phone number. 

Sometimes, this is sufficient to gain access to the password by calling a company and providing the information that supposedly only the owner has. These things are often easily accessible on any social media platform that exist. This is a problem for most people because they don't pay enough attention to what they post on social media.

Another problem is that if one password is compromised or decoded, it can be used as a password for many other items such as bank accounts and social media profiles. This security hole can cause a person to lose their identity and they won't be able to get it back once the damage has been done.