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Natural Hair Removal Treatments in Kelowna – The Basics

Hair removal products are available in large quantities in the market. But how do you know which products are safe for your skin? For products that contain chemicals, many who use these products tend to complain of redness and skin irritation. 

To make homemade candles, take 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of water, and 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Heat this mixture over low heat, stirring regularly, until you get a thick, brown liquid, which is your wax. To know more about natural hair removal, you can simply check out this source: Kelowna Body Sugaring.

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Once the wax has cooled to a temperature that is comfortable for you, you can apply it to your skin and place a clean towel or wax mask over it. Once completely cool, pull the towel or tape in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling hair from the roots.

Sugaring is one of the oldest hair removal methods. Sugaring is back in fashion after a few decades, as newer cosmetic products used to be preferred over sugar. The popularity of sugar has grown rapidly in the meantime.

It can be made at home by taking a glass of sugar and mixing it with the juice of half a lemon, molasses, cornstarch, and a bowl of honey. You start by mixing the lemon, honey, sugar, and molasses together in a bowl and microwave the mixture for about 2 to 4 minutes, or until you get a smooth consistency. 

You can also heat the mixture over low heat. Now apply the cornstarch to the area to be defatted and then apply the mixture over it. Cornstarch helps remove fluff. Place a towel or wax mask on the area and pull it out once it cools down.