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Mountain E-Bike Ride Equipment Checklist

Are you looking to spend a few hours at your local mountain biking park? What are the essential items you should have to make sure you're covered in case something goes wrong?

This checklist provides essential tools and other items that I would advise for a two- to three-hour mountain e-ride. You should have essential items with you to protect you from gear failure or cold weather. You can hop over to this site to learn more about mountain e-bike.

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Key Points To Remember


  • Bicycle shorts

  • Cycling shoes

  • Gloves can be used to relieve pressure and protect hands from injury in an emergency.

Consider carrying a bag depending on the season and altitude

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Arm and leg warmers

Personal items

  • Riding glasses

  • Get enough water and/or sports drinks

  • Basic first aid kit

  • Sunscreen that contains insect repellant is a good choice


While you may wish to have a variety of tools and spare parts for every situation, this is not feasible or practical on a short trip. You don't have to walk too far to get to your car if you experience major gear failure. Here's what you should have:

  • Multi-tool with a chain breaker, Allen keys, and other tools

  • Puncture repair kit

  • If your chain is in dire need of spare chain links, these can be used as spares

You don't just need the right equipment, there are also a few things you can do before you set out on your ride.

  • Regularly having your bike serviced

  • Make sure you check your tire pressure