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Letterhead Paper: How To Choose The Right Style

Together with the plan of a letterhead, another important component which company owners must put some thought to is the sort of paper where the letterheads are published.  

Whilst this choice ought to be afforded less time and burden in relation to the layout, it's still an important element to think about. In this guide, we take a look at a few of the matters to take into account.

Colour of this newspaper – Bearing in mind that normally the principal reason to get letterhead paper is for communications and letters, most companies decide to maintain the blank area whitened.


Nevertheless, this won't be suitable for each company – colored paper can look more fun and unique for specific, less formal companies.  

The plan of this header may also have an effect on the color that's selected for the remaining portion of the page – should you choose against white, ensure you opt for a color where ink remains clearly visible. 

Quality of paper – A particular length of time ought to be dedicated to making this decision since it will visit the picture of the provider.  

Normal quality of newspaper may be deemed adequate, but for especially chic businesses, such as law and accountancy, nicer bond paper is another choice. The cost will be expensive for a greater quality paper.  

Specific different businesses may also bring up other factors – for instance, an environmentally friendly recycling firm might boost its credibility and image with recycled paper.  

Size of paper – Eventually, the dimensions of the newspaper also need to be considered.