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Invisalign And Its Benefits

Straight teeth can do more than just create a pretty smile. They can improve gum health and facilitate good oral hygiene practices.

Over the years, dentists have turned to porcelain veneers to improve a variety of dental conditions, with the alignment of teeth often on the less severe end of the spectrum.

Invisalign is the ideal treatment choice for people who want straight teeth but do not need porcelain veneers which require a proportionate reduction in tooth structure. You can also contact invisalign dentist in Bend via

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In many cases, Invisalign can achieve what customers are looking for when they are interested in porcelain veneers. And because Invisalign smooths teeth faster than traditional braces, customers get the desired results relatively quickly, provided they apply the coating as directed.

Healthy again

Although Invisalign's primary role is to straighten teeth, achieving alignment also brings long-term benefits from improving gum health. Many signs of periodontal disease appear on the gums when the teeth are misaligned.

Gums can become red and swollen if it is difficult to floss or brush between the crowded and crooked teeth. In other cases, cavities can wrap around food and irritate the gums, while the patient can clean the area.

If the teeth are properly aligned and the contact between the teeth is suitable for flossing but strong enough so that no residue builds up, this is the only thing that can help prevent periodontal disease.

Oral hygiene during the Invisalign treatment is easier than with traditional braces, as the Invisalign opening and closing tool can be removed every day for cleaning and flossing.

Professional cleaning is also easier because there are no metal brackets or strips to cover the teeth and prevent the dentist from cleaning properly.

After the treatment is complete, the presence of straight teeth also makes oral hygiene easier and there are no large gaps or narrow cracks containing plaque and tartar build-up.