Importance Of Human Rights Education

The world is very beautiful. Humans are the largest and strongest animals in the world. With the help of object abilities, he became the strongest person in the world. Everyone has the right to live and speak.

We live in the modern world today. Humans have developed in all fields. But there are big differences between countries in the world. Cooperation and coordination between these countries are necessary.

It is necessary and important to educate everyone in the world. It is very important to know what human rights are. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was drafted by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights under the then leadership of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

UDHR was adopted on 10 December 1948 by 56 member states of the UN General Assembly. December 10 is celebrated worldwide as International Human Rights Day. There are currently 188 member states at the United Nations

Everyone has the right to education. Education should focus on the full development of human personality and on strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

It promotes understanding, tolerance, and friendship between all nations, races, or religious groups and will help secure the peace of the United Nations. The concept of human rights education is that education should aim not only to train trained professionals but also to contribute to the development of people who have the skills to interact in society.

Human rights education, human rights in education must provide opportunities for school children and students to assist and lead to social change. Education is seen as a way to empower people, improve their quality of life, and increase their ability to participate in decision-making processes that lead to social, cultural, and economic policies.

Human rights education cannot be reduced by simply incorporating human rights content into an already overloaded curriculum. This has led to major educational reforms affecting preschool curricula, textbooks, methodologies, classroom management, and the regulation of the education system at all levels.