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Human Hair Extensions – Different Attachment Methods In Toronto

There are many ways to fix hair extensions. It is important to consider what type of extension you are getting. One strand at a time, also known as strand by strand, is the process of selecting one strand from your hair and attaching it to a strand using one of these methods. 

A weft is a strand of hair that has been glued together and can be taped or sewed onto your hair. This allows you to quickly add length, which is usually more affordable than individual strands. You can find the best natural hair extension salon in Toronto at Continental Hair to enhance the beauty of your hair and add length to it.

These are the most popular ways to fix hair extensions.

Weaving: You will usually visit the salon to have this done. The stylist will cut your hair into rows and sew human hair extensions onto the cornrows using a needle. The hair will be pulled very tight to achieve a perfect fixture. 

Bonding This is a method that uses chemical glue to attach hair extensions to your hair. It's usually done strand by strand. 

Fusion can be either cold or warm, link/lock or fusion loops. Pre-tipped extensions are treated with a chemical to "fuse" their hair with yours when applied with an applicator gun. 

Clip-on is the easiest to clip in your hair and remove again. 

Clip the extension into your hair as close as you can to the base. Clip-on are often made of lower quality hair and should be removed prior to washing your hair.