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How to Use a Boutique Guitar Fuzz Pedal?

Many people would argue that fuzz pedals are obsolete. This amazing effect is still used today by many musicians and bands. Fuzz pedals are simple to use, also they are very effective. This classic piece of equipment will be easy to master.

What is the Fuzz Pedal and what does it do?

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Fuzz, also known as Fuzz Box, is a type of guitar effect pedal that can be used to create distortions and crunchy overdrives. Fuzz is about clipping your guitar's signal instead of adding gain. You can get different results from this "clipping" (square-wave clipping), with the main components being your actual guitar (or fuzzbox model) and your hands.

When is a fuzz pedal appropriate?

Fuzz pedals are more important for lead guitarists than they are for rhythm players. This is pretty clear logic: if you are playing live, a fuzz pedal behind your guitar will make it sound too explosive.

A fuzz pedal should be placed within a melody or solo. This will allow you to create a strong tone and add a little color to your guitar's sound signature.

Fuzz can be used in almost any genre. Although pop and jazz songs aren't well-known for their fuzz tone, it's not impossible to imagine a fuzzy guitar tone if you use the pedals in proper harmony.

Fuzz is best suited for heavier music genres. Although it was originally used for rock music, many musicians have relied on the fuzz pedal to create a distinctive tone.