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How to Make Resin Jewelry with Flowers

There are many reasons to preserve flowers in resin including capturing special memories (ie. a wedding bouquet) or simply carrying a bit of summer with you year-round.

You can preserve dried flowers in resin at

The trick to preserving flowers in resin is making sure they are completely dried first! There are several ways to accomplish this:

  1. Air dry – hang larger flowers in a dark area with good air flow for a couple of weeks;
  2. Pressed in a book – flatten thinner flowers between the pages of a book, place a heavy object on top and let dry for a couple of weeks;
  3. Pressed with an iron – as we talked about in our post on creative ways to use the Cricut EasyPress, you can use an iron to press and dry flower petals;
  4. Desiccating powder – this works great if you need to retain the 3D quality of the flower but takes several days. You can speed it up by using the microwave;

Once your flowers are completely dried, then you can begin resin crafting. If there is any moisture at all in the flower, it will react with the resin and chance color (usually to an ugly brown) within a couple of weeks.

You can embed any dried flower and add color (or even glitter) to the resin for an endless number of project possibilities. For example, we make beautiful DIY lavender flower pendants and pretty floral fridge magnets. For this jewelry project, however, we chose to keep it simple and let the natural beauty of the hydrangea flowers shine.