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How to Determine Used Car Values?

If you're planning to purchase or sell an old car, knowing how to determine the value of used cars is vital to get the most competitive price. Although the sale or trade-in value of any car ultimately comes down to the price that the seller and buyer ultimately agree on, there are a variety of methods to calculate the estimated used car values.

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1. Guides to Used Vehicle Pricing One of the most widely used methods of pricing vehicles is the consumer price guides like Kelley Blue Book, Nada as well as the Black Book.

 Although you can buy the guides in the local bookstore and on the internet, the websites that accompany them are a good alternative for the majority of consumers.

 If you enter the make, model year, year of manufacture, features, mileage, and general condition of the car, you can find a fairly precise value. However, keep in mind that all of these websites will generally evaluate a similar vehicle at a slightly different cost.

2. Professional Appraisers for Vehicles Professional appraisals can be an excellent way to establish the fair value of your particular automobile. 

A professional appraiser will visit you and conduct a thorough appraisal of your car considering the condition in which it is and the service history and the manufacturer and model as well as the year. Appraisers who are professionals may assist by negotiating trade-ins or private sales.