How To deal with the Insurance Adjuster?

Many people are shocked to discover their insurance adjuster on the scene of an incident within minutes of reporting it. The adjuster will often show up quickly to reduce the amount that the insurance company must pay. You can also hire an insurance adjuster via

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These are some things you can do if an insurance adjuster arrives at your house within 24 hours of an accident.

Do Not Take the Money Yet

Insurance adjusters are about saving money. This is the insurance company’s goal. Many people believe that the insurance company works for them. However, the insurance company does work for its shareholders and board of directors. 

The company’s job is to collect premiums and make as much money as possible. The insurance adjuster will often arrive at the scene of an accident to make an offer to the insured right away. The adjuster wants the insured person to be vulnerable and not think clearly after an accident. Because the offer is very low, the adjuster will want you to accept it.

Never accept an offer from an adjuster on the spot of an accident, or within the first few days. Why? You may be more hurt than you think. The vehicle could have hidden damage. Your insurance adjuster may try to make a buck, but they won’t give you all the benefits.