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How Are Manitowoc Cranes Different From Other Cranes?

Manitowoc Cranes are the most versatile and reliable cranes in the market today. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including construction, transportation, and agricultural work. 

Their unique design allows them to navigate difficult terrain with ease, making them the perfect choice for projects in difficult environments. Furthermore, they are designed to work in virtually any environment. 

The company made phenomenal growth in the following years due to its skillful design and production of a wide range of heavy-duty cranes such as huge crawler cranes, overhead crane systems as well as standard wheel loaders. If you are looking for crane services, visit

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The company also produced heavy-duty tower cranes for storing and handling overflow equipment for water supply, sewage treatment as well as marine industries. During World War II, the company was involved in manufacturing tractors and other military items under its own name which made it one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty machinery during that period. 

After the War, the company diversified into heavy-duty construction equipment manufacturing and by the late 1950s had become one of the major manufacturers of heavy-duty construction site equipment in Australia. 

The company also expanded its products to include a range of earthmoving and excavating equipment for both civil and industrial applications. During this period, Boral Limited diversified into other segments such as underground utilities, road construction, and landfill operations as well as providing consultancy services for mining operations.