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Guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Enhanced Content (EBC) gives retailers the space to attract potential customers to buy their products in the marketplace. While Amazon doesn't offer complete brand freedom on your own eCommerce site, it does offer brands more opportunities to customize their content and incorporate their own aesthetic. You can hire the best amazon ebc creators to enhance your business with ebc services.

  • Is The Brand Content Increasing?

EBC is available on Seller Central and allows you to add additional content and images to your product list. Amazon recently integrated EBC with A+ Content Creator, which was originally intended for Vendor Central only. It currently changes the module options for existing providers but doesn't make much difference if you're just starting out. Any content you add to your EBC will appear in the "Product Description" section, which is located below the main product details and above the product reviews.

Those looking for a little more information about your products can scroll down and find out more from this section on lifestyle images and great copy to help sell at home. You can use up to 5 Amazon modules which we discuss in detail below to create your perfect EBC layout.

  • Benefits Of Using EBC

EBC gives you an additional opportunity to grab your prospect's attention and explain why they should choose your product. This section has several important advantages:

  • Visual image

Images help your customers engage and motivate your ads. They give you more opportunities to showcase what you're selling through product-focused products or lifestyle imagery. Help your customers understand how they will use your product in their daily life. 

  • Product benefits

Amazon offers limited space to communicate product benefits in the product title and key tag list below. This content section is a great way to highlight your product's unique value proposition, answer frequently asked questions from customers, and address potential customer objections.

  • Branding

EBC also gives you more ways to make your list unique, so it stands out from the rest and provides a better experience than your competitors' listings. This custom content allows you to add your logo and information about your brand and specific products. You can't send people back to your website, but you can better introduce them to the products and brands they see.