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Getting Tooth Extracted in Houston, TX

Your dentist might recommend that you have a wisdom tooth extracted to save you from any future problems. If you don't want to wait until your teeth start to decay before you have them removed, this is an option.

These types of teeth will likely develop decay shortly. The procedure of teeth extraction in Houston, TX can be painful if it is not detected in time. 

Because the gums underneath the tooth might be already inflamed, this can cause the extraction to become painful. Pus may also be present. Anesthesia will not work if there is pus.

Your dentist might delay the removal of the wisdom tooth to prevent pain. Instead, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics to reduce inflammation and pus.

Your dentist will perform the extraction when the pus and inflammation are gone. Wisdom teeth removal can be more painful than a regular tooth extraction. You must choose a trusted dentist for wisdom teeth removal.

The main factors that can help you in the process of choosing a tooth extraction dentist are surgeon reputation, hospital/clinic location, the severity of the condition, and the time taken for the surgery. The average cost of surgery is between $150 and $400, excluding any additional costs such as anesthesia, recovery bills, X-rays, etc.