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Get The Best Web Design Services in Langley

A lot of time and money is spent making sure that the right elements of websites are positioned in the right places. Companies spend large amounts of money conducting research into how internet users use their websites.

This type of research shows where their visitors' eyes concentrate the most, which elements of the website they click on first, and generally how they interact and use their websites. You can also choose the best website marketing service in Langley.

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Most internet users will look primarily from the top left either across the page or down the left-hand side of the web page through an internet browser via a computer, mobile phone, or TV set.

Successful web design usually takes this into consideration and will ultimately affect the way a website looks.

There are of course rather famous exceptions to this rule, for instance, one rather well-known search engine has a web design that is quite different.

The main focus and core functionality in their web design are located right in the center of the page. This, however, isn't any ordinary website with tens or even hundreds of pages of products and services to display, its main focus is its recognizable logo and of course its search box.

It does however feature a small minimal menu across the top of the web design, which flows from left to right. So even they have taken on board some of the research undertaken into internet users' habits.