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Choosing Your Executive Coach – Coaching Your Relationships At Work

Is it possible to work in a law firm or company where executive coaches are part of the leadership development program? Are executive coaches chosen by your company to be a good fit with the company's culture?

The most important question you can ask yourself is "Will my executive coaching also influence my colleagues at work to help me achieve my coaching goals?" Socially and emotionally intelligent leaders know how to select seasoned coaches that can help them reach their goals and add value to the company. You can also visit to hire top executive coaches in Houston.

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How to Influence Others' Perceptions of You

Executive coaching isn't just about behavioral change. The executive coach can also help your colleagues to be aware of the changes that you have made, invite them to participate in your development, and perhaps change their behavior in relation to you. An experienced, qualified executive coach can help others see you differently by:

  • Coaching your relationships and helping you improve

  • Collaboration with your company is key to ensuring a successful environment

  • Collaborating with key colleagues to establish the desired outcomes of the coaching process. 

These points should be raised in your first conversations with your executive coach. If all the key players are involved in coaching clients, your executive coach will be able to provide the greatest value for you and your company. The process benefits both the coaches as well as the organization.