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Child Custody Laws – An Overview

The main goal when a marriage ends and children are involved is to protect the rights of each child. If you have children and they are under the age of 18, it is up to you and the courts to make the proper decisions regarding their care.

You might have heard the trend of child custody or visitation rights or even a parenting schedule that surfaces. This is the guardianship that will take place when the parents are no longer together.

No matter how ugly your divorce gets, it is important to understand that a child custody law will consider your children having the other parent in their life. So always make sure the children come out on top. You can know more about Child Custody Laws via

United Kingdom: Understanding Child Custody Laws

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The laws state that each parent will have equal rights and guardianship of the children if they were born to them during the marriage.  The responsibility of determining how the child's custody arrangement will function will go to whatever court has jurisdiction.

The parent who gains control of the child's education, health care, and religious affiliation will be made by that parent. If a legal separation occurs, the court might assign temporary custody while the divorce is finalized.

Typically, one parent is given sole custody of the child. If joint custody is granted, both parents are expected to carry out their parental responsibilities as if they were still married.