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Camping Equipment: Guidelines For Buying Army Surplus Tents

For camping trips, tents are very important equipment. People use different types of tents for camping. Some tents provide better protection against harsh weather conditions and some are very light to carry from one place to another. If you want an ideal tent(durable, sturdy, weather-resistant, and lightweight) for camping, consider army surplus tents. You can purchase army tents via


Here are some variables to consider when buying a tent:

-What is the length and width of the tent? Since the general rule said, you have to gauge the demand for more space than you actually need. It is much better to spend on a tent that provides you more room to save on a tent which will force everyone to devote a tight night in a small space.

-How high would the tent be? The concept is to make certain that you are able to stand upright inside the tent. If you discover a tent that's small enough that you just have to crawl to get in, expect to bounce your head off something each time you wake up in the daytime.

However, you can only do this with bigger tents, for example, military tents you'll be able to find along with other camp gear with an army surplus auction. If you're planning for a small, simple camping action, you can go for the little tent, but you still will need to ensure you have enough space to move around.

-Does the tent provide you enough space? Specifically, you have to make sure that your tent can match your inflatable mattress or sleeping bag when wrapped or dismissed.

Is your tent too heavy? Make sure the tent is almost easy to bring when it collapses. Also, be certain that the tent is not readily removed by air. Tents that are suddenly destroyed by powerful winds can easily fall on you and your camping gear.