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Best Back Pain Relief Products

Most people do sit in the wrong position in this day and age, especially with people sitting hunched over the computer a lot of the time, sitting with an erect back is very important.

How about lying down?  Oh, come on, what can be wrong with lying down?  Well lying in the right position can be one of the hardest things to do and I bet you didn't know that, but it's true.  We can twist and turn our backs badly if we do not have the right mattress, or we always sleep on our sides and curled up.  I know we cannot help what position we get into when we are asleep, but we can try to make sure we sleep in the right position, or find a good mattress.

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The thing is, there are so many every day things that can cause us back pain, that we don't really think about them and why should we have to?  We shouldn't, but a good understanding of what we can do to help ourselves is always a good start. Now let's talk about some back pain relief products, which are good as preventative measures and well as methods to relieve existing back pain.

Now to start with lets look at the lumber supports and I'm not recommending those big ugly belts that you strap on and are told give you support, because they don't, well not unless you're using weights.  What they don't do, is they do not let your muscles work with your back in normal everyday life, so don't use them for back pain, they are no good in the long term.

I do recommend the kind of lumber support which will help you to sit in the proper position, whether you are driving, working or just relaxing.  The best of these are the memory foam ones, as they bounce back into their original form and do not have indentations from your body, which will only make things worse if you sit against them in a different position.  There are lots of these on the market and they can be good back pain relief products, as well as back pain prevention products.