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All About Integrative Medicine

Many patients prefer the customized and personal care that comes with integrative medicine's whole-person perspective. Others believe it's only logical to incorporate health strategies into their lives from the widest array of proven approaches possible. They think an integrative approach will allow them to achieve or maintain the best health possible.

It brings the body back to health so that the body and the immune systems are strengthened through specific treatments, such as diet, herbs and botanicals, acupuncture, energy medicine, and spirituality. If you are looking for medicine to be healthy and fit then you can get the  best natural medicine via

Integrative medicine practitioners include physicians of every specialty as well as doctors of osteopathic medicine, mental health professionals, mind-body specialists, and practitioners such as massage therapists and acupuncturists, their educational and accreditation requirements vary widely, as do the regulation of their fields. So don't hesitate to ask about a practitioner's training and experience.

Integrative Medicine has never received such sustained and favorable focus in our nation's capital. The topic was "Integrative Care: A Pathway to a Healthier Nation".

Perhaps the time is now for everyone to focus on true HEALTHCARE and not simply playing catch up with the sick care of the past. The public is learning that Integrative Medicine treats the body in a holistic fashion using both allopathic medical treatments with traditional western medicine and its focus on research and drugs, and in addition, uses alternative medicine. This course is being seriously considered by the Government and the medical community as acceptable practice.